Our solutions

Medical Insurance
Your health is as important to us as much as it to you! At Diamond Insurance Brokers, we take all the mandatory measures to provide you with the best medical insurance policies by assessing your personal needs and requirements. Our highly educated and proficient team of brokers works in the best interest of our valued customers, and also offers technical support that can be highly beneficial when making a claim.

Motor Insurance
Confused about which motor insurance policy is the best for you? Why not consult our expert brokers to help you find the most suitable deal for you? We understand that choosing one policy from a wide array of appealing policies may be extremely perplexing; therefore we render our dedicated services to make your life simple and easy! By analyzing your specific needs, we recommend to you the best motor insurance at competitive prices that’ll be a sure benefit to you in the long run. If you’re wondering why you need a motor insurance policy then the answer is simple: to receive compensation for your vehicle in case of any damage to your vehicle.

Engineering Insurance
The manufacturing and engineering industries are subject to multiple potential risks that could seriously jeopardize your business. To avoid incurring losses, it is essential for you to carry out a full risk assessment of your business and ensure that you are adequately insured. We offer engineering insurance, providing tailored policies for plant, machinery and building projects. With our flexible policies, you only pay for the elements that apply to you. You can, for instance, choose from the following:
• Damage due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances, which covers including a breakdown from internal defects.
• Accidental insurance damage cover for plant and equipment
• Computer equipment insurance, which covers for loss or damage by almost any, and all external causes

We also offer a range of policies to cater to every customer’s specific needs:
• Contractors all risk policy ( C.A.R)
• Erection all risks policy (E.A.R)
• Machinery breakdown insurance policy
• Loss-of-profits following machinery breakdown insurance
• Boiler and pressure vessel insurance policy
• Electronic equipment insurance policy
• Contactors’ plant and equipment insurance policy

Property & Loss Of Profit Insurance
Do the escalating and declining rates of properties add to your worries? We understand that property is one of the most cherished assets of one’s life. Therefore, we strive hard to bring forth to you the best property insurance policies to match your needs, at affordable prices. Our knowledge, expertise, and access to the insurance market surpass that of other insurance brokers in the industry. We foster relationships with underwriters who are specialists in the real insurance arena. Whether your building is new, old or mixed-use, we have the understanding and familiarity that’ll help you secure the best coverage. We also offer the loss-of-profit insurance intended to cover losses to your business following a physical damage by fire or breakdown, until revenue has returned to a similar level of damage.

Protection & Saving Insurance
Afraid of oblivion? Want to secure the future of your family? The answer to all these questions is simple. With our protection and saving insurance policies in addition to securing yourself and your family, you also create a corpus to meet your financial goals at every stage of life. And it’s a satisfying feeling to know that there’s someone taking care of your financial requirements!

General Accident & Liabilities Insurance
General Accident and Liabilities Insurance We safeguard you against many known and unknown risks through our general accident and liabilities insurance policies. A set of insurance documents is provided to you to compensate your emergency costs and liabilities that might be incurred from:
• Public liability
• Product liability
• Workmen’s compensation
• Fidelity guarantee
• Money insurance

Marine Insurance
Companies operating in the marine industry, including those that are run by ship owners, ship managers, mutual associations or charterers face a plethora of daunting challenges and risks. To manage these risks, it is mandatory for you to choose an insurance partner that has established unrivaled expertise and experience in this field.
Our marine team offers a range of specialist insurance services to help cover:
• Hull and machinery risks
• Disbursements and/or increased value
• Loss of time
• Marine and transport liabilities
• Specialist risks including mortgage interests and drug seize

Few of the marine insurance policies offered at Diamond Insurance Broker are:
• Cargo insurance and goods in transit by sea/air/land
• Marine hull insurance
• Yacht insurance