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Why use an insurance broker?

Unlike other insurance providers, an insurance broker works in the best interest of its valuable customers rather than insurance companies. Brokers employ their expertise and professional knowledge to help you properly assess your personalized insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and guide you in the event of a claim.
• Brokers work on behalf of their clients and provide advice in their best interests.
• A broker will help you identify your individual/business risks to help you assess what to insure and how to manage these risks.
• Insurance brokers provide you technical advice that can be very useful when a claim is to be made.
• Brokers are well versed with the terms and conditions, policies and prices and benefits and exclusions of a wide range of competing for insurance policies, so they can help you identify the best cover for your circumstances.
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Why choose Diamond Insurance Broker as an insurance broker?

Having a profound experience and expertise in this field, we are the titans of the insurance industry! We have a wide network of partners, which include a variety of insurance companies all around Saudi Arabia, thus offering our customers the best insurance policies at the best rates. In the pursuit of customer satisfaction, we strive hard to ensure that the personal needs and expectations of our valued customers are fully met. To help you navigate the maze of insurance issues, DIPB’s technical experts analyze and assess your requirements and offer impartial, professional advice to you.
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Does it cost more to use a broker?

Not necessarily. It might even cost less to use a broker since we have an extensive knowledge of the insurance market and can negotiate competitive premium on your behalf. It is mandatory for the broker to advise you of the total fees charged for the services rendered so that there are no extra or hidden costs. Though many insurance brokers get paid a commission by the insurance company when the policy is purchased that is included in the premium quoted by the company, discounted prices may be offered to some customers.
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How do I register my business with Diamond Insurance Broker

It’s simple! Just contact our sales team info@dbroker.com.sa or call at 920004778. our dedicated customer service team will guide you in your best interest.
You can also use our request quote form to send us a quote request
Provide us with your full name, company name, address, email address and mobile number
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What are the benefits of working with Diamond Insurance Broker?

By outsourcing your insurance policy to Diamond Insurance Broker, clients will get following benefits:
1- All Diamond Insurance Broker services are free of charge
2- Insurance policy consultations
3- We insure that you get the best qoute from insurer 4- Managing all your insurance related documentation and claims.
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What does CCHI policy stand for?

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance is the Government body in charge of overlooking the health insurance industry in collaboration with SAMA. It oversees the performance of insurance companies and supervises them so that they fulfill their responsibilities as stated in the Cooperative Health Insurance Law and its implementing regulation and standardized policy. CCHI has imposed minimum health coverage to be provided by all licensed insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. Although, insurers can negotiate these terms, mostly they have to comply with them.
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What are the minimum requirements for acquiring a health insurance quotation?

The client must provide the following documentation:
• List of members to be insured with their specific details such as gender, nationality, religion, DOB and benefits category
• A copy of the company’s commercial registration
• Authorization letter to appoint Diamond Insurance Broker (BOR)
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What is the minimum coverage provided under the CCHI policy?

Insurance coverage limits is the maximum limit of insurance company’s liability as specified in the insurance policy before applying any deductions/charges. Minimum coverage is provided with Outpatient and inpatient for up to a limit of SR 500,000 per member with optical, maternity, dental and other additional benefits.
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Can we expand on the minimum requirement of CCHI?

Definitely. The limit for dental, for instance, can be increased from the minimum set by CCHI at SAR 2,000 TO a value suited to the client. Moreover, the geographical scope can also be included by providing emergency coverage outside the Kingdom. So, it all depends on the requirements of the client.
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Who do I approach if I have a complaint regarding the health insurance policy?

You can file an online complaint through an easy process: visit the CCHI website www.cchi.gov.sa and click on the “complaint” tab. And fill in the online complaint form. The concerned CCHI will register your complaint and contact you quickly.
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How many types of motor insurance covers available?

Diamond Insurance Broker offers two types of motor insurance covers: third party liability cover and comprehensive motor insurance cover
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What is a claim or indemnity?

The payment under insurance contracts is restricted by the law: you only receive amounts that are required to indemnify you for your losses. The proper application of the principle assures that people only receive an amount equal to their loss, no more no less.
Diamond Insurance Broker can help you make the claim if you have an incident, without you having to experience the hassle of making all the arrangements. Everything is done for you by us.
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Is there a difference between an insurance broker and an insurance company Sales person/Agent?

While an insurance company Sales person/Agent only markets and promotes the policies of his company, an insurance broker offers a more impartial overview of policies of different companies. As brokers are not aligned to a single company, they can explore a variety of products and services available in the market, and offer you comprehensive advice.
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