Medical Malpractice Insurance
Medical professional liability insurance protects physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, nurses and dentists from liability associated with the wrongful practice that may result in bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage, as well as the cost of defending lawsuits related to such claims. This policy covers bodily injury or property damage in addition to liability for personal injury such as mental anguish.

Required documents for MMP coverage
• Filing the entire proposal form and sign it
• Copy of ID/Iqama
• Copy of all certificates and documents (Educational certificate etc.)

Medical malpractice claims
• Filling in the claim form.
• Medical report.
• First letter of MOH.
• Accreditation certificate.
• Registration ID.
• National ID/Iqama.
• Practicing license (private secure)
• Employment contract (Government secure).
• And all other related documents