At Diamond Insurance Broker, we analyze the personal and commercial needs of our customers to help them acquire the best insurance policy that’d guard their interests. Our team of experts will converse with you in a friendly manner to get a better idea of what you need. Apart from acting just as your advocates, we also possess unmatched process in risk assessment and management. With the assistance of our risk experts, we employ a prudent approach to identify the prospective risks that our clients might encounter, and work diligently to, mitigate the possibility of any such unforeseen threats.
We deal in a range of fields, offering a variety of insurance policies. Among these are:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Property & Loss Of Profit Insurance
  • General Accident & Liabilities Insurance
  • Saving & Protection Insurance
  • Marine Insurance

Quotations Analysis
Diamond Insurance Broker is all about transparency and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we discuss in detail the policies offered by the insurers, including the rate, coverage, and conditions and then explain them to the client to enable them to make their choice prudently. We also design a comparison schedule to allow our customers a deeper insight into the suitable contracts, so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

There are several main features that need to be assessed before the client makes their decision of selecting the insurer. Apart from the policy itself, other important factors that need consideration include:

• Insurance company (insurer) experience
• Qualification & efficiency of the insurance company employees
• The process of underwriting and claims
• Supportive re-insurance company
• Insurance company solvency

After a thorough evaluation has been made, five (or more) insurers are shortlisted for further assessment.

Our customers are our priority! During the contract, Diamond Insurance Broker extends unfaltering support to all its customers.
We make sure that our valued customers do not face any problems in their insurance policy and ensure that all operations requests are fulfilled.
These requests include:

• Additions and deletion in terms
• Issuing the required endorsements
• Financial closings
• Ensuring that relevant data is uploaded to CCHI for acquiring medical policies
• Making sure that the right data is uploaded to Najm for motor insurance
• Following up with all addition for properties and any kind of an active insurance policy

Documents Management
Diamond Insurance Broker will be your personal advocate, representing you in all insurance companies and negotiating the best deals for you. Furthermore, we also overlook your primary contact, making sure that all the terms and conditionally are fully met and that the coverage complies with the quotation.

We keep our clients updates about their policies by frequently providing them with detailed reports. These informative reports are as per follows:
• Transition report
• Financial reports
• Quality serve reports
• Operational reports

Claims Management
To make our clients well-versed in the claiming process, Diamond Insurance Broker follows up the claims with insurers and help to completes the required documents. We, then obtain reimbursements checks from the insurer and submit them to the client for their better understanding of the process.

Risk Survey
We carry out detailed risk assessments to identify any potential threats that may harm the interests of our clients in any possible way. The risk analysis is usually done with the insurer themselves, or with the correspondence of a private company mastering in this field.