• Medical insurance for individuals

What Is Covered?
No compromises on your health! We offer the perfect coverage for you by CCHI requirements so that you opt for the best medical treatments. The list of coverage includes but is not limited to the following:
• Maternity cover
• Dental cover
• Optical cover
• Congenital conditions for new born
• Hearing aids
• Physiotherapy
• Vaccinations (As per Ministry of Health)

Required documents to issue a medical policy:
Requirements from Sponsor
• Copy of the sponsor ID or his legal representative
• Copy of legal letter in case of the representative
• Copy of Iqama
• Filing proposal form along with health declaration

Medical claims process
• Filing the claim form
• Copy of medical card
• Copy of ID/Iqama
• Original copy of the doctor prescription (dated, stamped & signed)
• Detailed original invoice signed and stamped from the medical provider
• Detailed medical report that included all taken actions such as (laboratory, X-ray & etc.)
• Detailed medical report and receipt along with discharge letter for inpatients

Cash Claims Reimbursements
• Fill the Reimbursement Form
• Original invoices and receipts
• Detailed medical reports
• Examination and laboratory results
• Pre-approval letter from insurer, if applicable